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Cinderella is a Development Program for our youth. We run the program in a “pageant format” – but place no emphasis on physical beauty or the cost of the contestants’ clothes. Instead we concentrate on the development of poise and inner beauty.

How Much does it cost?

The cost to compete in a preliminary is $150 and the state pageant is $400 for tot – women and $325 for the baby division. Fees can be business sponsored or paid by family and friends.  We do offer “early bird” incentives and family discounts are available.

What do they win?

On the preliminary level we award 20+ scholarships of entry fees to the State Finals, plus trophies, tiaras, banners, and special gifts. The state level awards cash scholarships, prizes and awards. The International level awards over $100,000 in prizes, cash and scholarships each year. So you see it’s quite a large program! The state winners also have the opportunity to meet with local and state officials as well as many opportunities to learn a great deal about our state.

Are you an agency?  How can we get our child into commercials and or modeling?

We are not an agency. We can and do offer the experience that is necessary if your child or you should choose to pursue that goal. Sometimes we are able to forward information from modeling and talent agencies to you.

What kind of clothes does my child have to wear?

First of all, our wardrobe is very different than any other “pageant system”. We want to showcase your child, not their overly expensive wardrobe. Our motto is “If it’s not something that you would wear everyday or something you would wear to the prom or a wedding, then this is not the right “pageant system” for you. "Real Kids in Real Clothes"

What do I bring with me on Pageant Day?

Causal Wear - 0-26 years, Girls – Any outfit of your choice, examples: slacks and nice shirt, business suit, short outfit, Capri outfit etc… this is a fun category to express who you really are.

Party Wear – Girls under thirteen should wear a street length dress they might wear to Church on Easter Sunday. Teen through woman should wear a formal gown. No make-up is allowed on girls under thirteen.

Talent/Tot Personality – 3-6 years, Simple church style dress or nice sundress.
7-26 years, any talent outfit of your choice.

Playtime - 24 months - 35 months, A comfortable outfit they would wear on a playdate.

Photogenic – For the preliminary pageants, bring a photo on the day of the pageant and will be returned to you the same day.  Any 5x7 or 8x10 unframed black & white or color photo that captures your child’s personality.  For the state pageant, photos must be submitted by the deadline on the paper work.  Hint- EYE CONTACT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

At the different levels of competition (State & Internationals) they are required to have a few more outfits for rehearsals, productions numbers, interviews, parties and meals.

​Interview - tot thru woman, business attire and are held at the state pageant.

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