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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cinderella glitz or natural?

Cinderella is a natural pageant! Participants should wear off the rack clothing that lets their facial beauty and personality shine. We want to see the child, not the outfit. No fake anything is allowed in our Infant through Miss age divisions. Teens and Women may wear nails, eyelashes, tans, etc. but please remember to keep everything light and natural looking.

Do I need expensive or custom clothing to compete at Cinderella?

Cinderella's motto is "Real kids in real clothes". You should be able to dress your child for a Cinderella prelim using clothing from their own closet. If you need to pick up any items, hit the resale shops and sales racks to find great deals on adorable clothing perfect for Cinderella! To get an idea of Cinderella appropriate clothing for your child’s age group, click on the tab at the top of the page labeled "Wardrobe Tips".

Does my child need a "pageant coach"?

No! While there are pageant instructors that advertise aid in learning modeling, interview etc. Cinderella does not officially endorse or sponsor any of these individuals or companies. Your preliminary directors provide all necessary help you will need in preparing for the State and International competitions. You are welcome to hire these services on your own but please keep in mind Cinderella does not sponsor or endorse coaches, you pay for these services at your own risk.

What are the makeup rules for Cinderella?

Teen and Women participants may wear light, daytime makeup for all areas of competition. All makeup should be age appropriate.

Are there any rules for costume, hair, and makeup for talent?

No! Talent is the one area of competition where you may wear full stage hair and makeup and costumes may have bling. Please remember to keep costumes age appropriate and modest.

How do I model at a Cinderella pageant?

Cinderella uses custom made music that incorporates harp sweeps and magic "dings" to guide our participants on when to move to the next mark on stage and to ensure each participant has the same amount of time on stage. We will offer a free modeling workshop at the start of our prelim to teach everyone how to do Cinderella modeling. It is very basic and easy to learn! In Casualwear competition all participants will introduce themselves into the mike by saying their name, age, and hometown. Teen and women are allowed to be more creative in their introduction.

Do I have to attend the state pageant?

If you win the Overall title at the prelim level, you are not required to compete at the state pageant. However, overall winners at the state pageant are required to compete in the Grand Finals held in Dallas, Texas in July.

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